July 18, 2009

An Interesting Question

A former Pastor once asked the then Captain of 1st Penang Company:

"Is the BB (1st Penang Company) to continue in this church for the sake of sentimental reasons?"

The Captain replied frankly: "Yes and No."

"Yes", because this is the first BB company in Malaysia and the launching pad for other BB companies in Malaysia.

"No", because we cannot live in the past glory, but to move forward to higher ground. This ministry is proven to be effective even now in the era of high technology and modern living.

The above conversation was reproduced from First Anchored in Penang (2006, pp. 47).

Indeed, we need to keep asking ourselves this question. Are we sticking around in BB purely for sentimental reasons? No doubt, it could be partly due to sentimental reasons, friendship or comradeship; but we need to also remind ourselves that there is still a higher ground, a higher goal and a higher calling; more importantly, we are all still in the race to strive forward.

Let us take a moment to think about this question, re-aligned our priorities and motivations, re-energised and move forward as a company.

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CD said...

My apologies for not being there physically, but rest assured, I'm still part of the team playing my part to support through prayers.