February 11, 2008

Drill with Boys

Drill and BB is the intangible components. I can understand the rationale behind the reason Sir William Alexander Smith introduced drill into BB. Drill was suppose to be a tool of disciplining the boys and the most effective ways of getting their attention. After all, BB was started in the age of the Industrial Revolution in UK, where boys were generally uneducated and rowdy and Sir William was teaching them Sunday School.

For the past few weeks, I have been teaching the pre-Juniors and Juniors (aged between 6-11 years) drill. I began to wonder whether Sir William has thought about this age-group of boys when he began the ministry.

To put it simple, I classified such teaching experience as "challenging". You can teach them whatever is needed and they will be able to do it but within a few minutes, someone will definitely make a mistake. Such incidents really serve as a test to my patience.

However, even though the process of teaching them is tiring and challenging, nevertheless, the satisfaction seeing them being able to properly execute the movements greatly surpass the agony of teaching. To top all the satisfaction is being able to see their cuteness in action during dismissal and for them to do it correctly. That certainly ends the weekly parade with a happy note.

Sure and Stedfast,

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