October 30, 2007

Holiday season is a-comin'

It was a couple of years ago (if my ailing memory serves me right) that the 1st Penang Company started to take the entire month of December off, and the (relatively young) "tradition" continues this year.

I am pleased to inform parents and guardians of members of the 1st Penang BB that November 11th will be our Awards' Day, so kindly forgo your shopping trip to Gurney/Queensbay that weekend and provide some moral support to your little ones as they proudly receive the badges they have rightfully earned :)

On a side note, God surely has a sense of humour. I noticed that some boys have wished for rain to continue during the weeks where we have drill, but somehow during band sessions it pours, and the clouds hold themselves back whenever it is time for drill.

Man proposes, but God disposes!

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